Motorbike lessons in English

I am an experienced, English speaking motorbike instructor. I give practical and theory lessons which will help you pass your exams. See additional information below on what you need to know.  If you require further information, just give me a call.

You need to pass three exams:

Theory: Specific motorbike theory. This is an individual exam in Dutch.  If your Dutch is not up to scratch, an interpreter can be arranged.  The theory books are in Dutch only – don’t worry, I can help you with this.

Vehicle control exam: A practical exam to show proficiency in 12 specific exercises.  At the exam, you are asked to perform 7 of which 5 must be successful.

Traffic participation exam: A practical exam showing your ability to control and drive your motorbike in traffic.  A motorbike is a relatively dangerous vehicle, you will need to display a great sense of self safety.

Foreign licence

Please check your (car) driving licence. If you do not have a European Union driving licence, you will need to get one. Or pass your theory motor bike exam first.

Other information

Age: In the Netherlands, your age determines your licence category.  If you are over 24, there are no limitations.  Please let me know if you are under 24.

Bikes: You will have your lessons on a Suzuki Sv650. This bike is suitable for various lenghts. I will follow on a Triumph Tiger – I never follow in a car.